31 Temmuz 2010 Cumartesi

Recycled Vase

I needed a long vase for my flowers and didn't want to buy one. so using my crafting skills (:P) I created one from two empty tin cans and newspapers. I was making pencil holders until recently, covering tin cans with papier mache -which you can check it here. this time I didn't use papier mache. covered it with newspaper only and left it as it is. It could be painted of course, or covered with collage.

final state

Newspaper Recycled Bracelets

these are a whole new series of hand crafted bracelets made from newspapers which I painted myself! there are lots of them, when I'll find the time I'll took pictures and you will see the endless possibilities of colors. Maybe I will sell them too ;)

Fat-free salty cookies

my latest biscuit experiment with the new cookie cutters. I tried to find a recipe on the web but seems like nobody likes fat free cookies especially if they are salty. so the result was "none". but, this first experiment of mine came out just fine. they are tasty all the same as the fatty ones and are a good snack for those who have the same illness as me.